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Breathe Easy...


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Breathe Easy...

Rachael Giacomuzzi

Looking for a little January cheer? Something to put a spring in your step?

Instead of buying another coffee, invest in a spider plant.

These inexpensive, quick growing and easy to look after plants are rated in the top 10 by NASA for plants that improve indoor air quality, helping to absorb harmful substances like mould and other allergens including reducing volatile organic compounds such as benzene and formaldehyde.

Place a spider plant in your favourite pot, somewhere you will see it often (on your desk or beside the kitchen sink are mood-boosting spots of mine) and water a little when needed.

The best part of a spider plant (Chlorophytum comosum) is that they will usually start to grow off shoots or ‘baby spiders’, about half a dozen at a time. Tuck a shoot a little way into a neighbouring pot filled with soil and after a few weeks, once you see the baby is growing well, snip off the shoot to the mother plant and you'll have another plant! (Or many more if you plant up each shoot!)

If you grow a few plants, why not give one to a friend and spread the January cheer!


White pots or containers look great with leafy green plants…

White pots or containers look great with leafy green plants…

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