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Our Etho

We believe that Organic living should be as standard.

Once, organic farming was just the way we grew our crops, respectful of our eco system and in tune with the seasons. Today, heavy use of fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides …. that have been associated with … and the decline in honeybee population. Organic farming the sensible and sustainable option every time and should not an ‘alternative’ we have to actively choose.

Intelligent luxury

Look closely at the ingredients of many body care products and you may find petrochemicals, synthetically produced parabens, synthetic fillers. The body’s largest organ is our skin. On average its estimated that we are exposed to over 120 unique chemical ingredients every single day through personal care products alone. the accumulative affect this ‘toxic build up is concerning. Their accumulative use are linked to potential health,cancer, premature aging and skin sensitisation.

We wouldn’t dream of being anything else but organic and synthetic free.

The Organic Balm Company use select ingredients purely for their therapeutic properties for dry skin. Used individually, they are all luxurious in their own right, but expert blending creates balms that are utterly rich, effective and soothing. We do not use or have any need for synthetic chemicals.

When you need something more

We understand that a dry skin condition,s are more than just a physical affliction. The Organic Balm Company came to be following one persons need to heal, re discover skin obscured by eczema and so designed a product that provided relief and created a moment to steel away and feel like oneself again, no matter where you are. We know you need product that that you can trust. We want our balms to be more something you need, it’s something you want. A complete sensory experience.

The whole package

We source organic ingredients grown in the UK where possible, to encourage the demand for organic farming and reduce carbon emissions from shipping. We use jars for their high recyclable and reusable properties as well as their aesthics. The outer cartons are from recuclale material and can be reculed.

What to know more about the ingredients we are most concerned about? ……………..