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OBC Ethos

the finer things in life, naturally

the finer things in life, naturally

The Organic Balm Company collection

The Organic Balm Company collection

Natural Beauty

Many personal care products contain synthetically produced parabens and petrochemicals that through accumulative use are linked to potential health risks such as cancer, skin sensitisation and premature aging.

Paraffin candles, candles with artificial fragrances and their wicks can contain a whole host of toxic materials that is burnt and inhaled. That’s why we wouldn't dream of being anything else but organic and synthetic free.

Our products are 100% organic products with ingredients chosen for their high content of vitamins, minerals and rich in properties that regenerate skin cells to help improve the skins condition and appearance. Each one is wonderfully luxurious and effective in their own right 

The Whole Package

We source organic ingredients and suppliers through UK companies where possible, to encourage the demand for organic farming and reduce carbon emissions from shipping.

We chose containers for their high repurpose and recyclable properties such as glass and stainless steel for our Soothe and Restore Balm and No Nonsense Balm. We use environmentally friendly printing and packaging options. Our boxes and shred are from recycled paper and chose to blind emboss our gift boxes so our logo is stamped into the box rather than printed on it. We felt this was more environmentally friendly, and beautiful too.

The finer things in life, naturally.